Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010


  After a year of waiting I finally received the email I’ve been dreading.

“Dear Mr. Jones,
You suck you loser, we hate your work and we hate you.”

OK, that’s not the actual wording but that’s how I read it.

So “Division” serves me up yet another soul crippling dose of exclusion. Bah.
The question is, what now Dear Reader?

Right, firstly let’s get this show on the road with Andreas. I spent all last night thinking up a plot, in fact I had two but I binned one and I’m happy with the one I’m left with.
Obviously the bare bones of a story won’t do and the plot and characters need to be fleshed out, but that comes with time.

I’ll then go back to “Division”. At 160,000 words it is a tad long, (I read somewhere that for a first book the publishers prefer around 120,000) so I’ll shorten it and tighten up the middle part while I’m at it. It is definitely the weakest element of the story so it’s spark a brain cell time and rework his flabby butt.

Then it’s back to my 300 vampires story, sort that out and send it to my editor friend.

Tee babes, before you suggest it, I’m not going to send it to Authonomy… yet. If all else fails I will but not yet. You’ve had success with it and I’m glad but I simply haven’t the time to read other people’s manuscripts on top of working shifts in a steelworks, being Dad in a family, playing drums in a band AND writing my own stuff… put like that, it’s no wonder I’m so knackered all the time, lol.

Well that’s it peeps. I’m gutted but not broken and I have a plan… a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a fox, (I love Blackadder).

Take it easy, I won’t.

Reg :-/

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tee hat gesagt…

Oh how I've been neglecting you my friend, and I'm very jealous of your esteemed comany on your birthday. Sounds like it was one of the better ones though.
Belated wishes dear 12 year old.
Ok I wont suggest Authonomy as it doesn't suit everyones life style. Lets face it I have more time to sit here and play during the week.
Stick with what you're comfortable with hun.
My own blog has been sadly neglected i fear and i really must get my finger out soon.
Bye for now

Kate hat gesagt…

OH sorry to hear that. Still all the best books are rejected several times before there genuis is recognised.... (Okay I made that up but I am sure it could be true.) Good luck with the next letter

Kate xx

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Yes Tee, my birthday was rugged but just right, thanks. Don't worry about the Blog Tee, it's free and it won't go away, lol.
Even if you did make it up Kate it's still sounds good, lol. Thanks.

tee in the cupboard hat gesagt…

Actually i quite like Kates remark. Can we nick it and claim it as ours without telling her? Darn that wouldn't work she would read it on here.
Hoping your sounding more positive today Reg. You have written some marvellous short stories.
So Authonomy ... you do realise it's not compulsory to read anything, and I'm thinking if you put a collection of your short stories on there you would get some honest feedback.
I think you would be pleasantly surprised at the positive comments. If you don't like it then take it down.
Any comment made, automatically comes in through your email system. So you can reject at will.
Ok I know we have discussed it before but nothing to lose. You just need to upload more than 10,000 words or the system won't accept it.
OK I've shut up and locked myself in the cupboard now...I promise not to say another word about it. :-)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Tee, I KNEW you wouldn't be able to leave it alone, lol.
Well, just so you know, I am working on an illustrated story at the moment, then I'll rewrite the 300 vampires story and then it's get down to bizniz with "Division".
It is too long, simple as that, and right now, at this moment in time, I want to shorten it and cut a lot of extra characters out. Make it a more tighter package. That's my plan anyway. If, after sending it off I'm rejected over and over again, then I'll resort to any means necessary, lol.

Kate hat gesagt…

I got your number tee in the cupboard hat gesagt!

Am rooting for the next one - we recognise your genuis at least.

Kate xx

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Thanx you two... :-)

tee lol hat gesagt…

Darn I thought I'd got away with that for us. - Kates got my number.
What a brilliant prop we are for you my friend. I'm now going to reply to your other blog - cant wait !!!
Course I had to mention the A word i'm a woman aren't I ;-)