Samstag, 16. Januar 2010

If at first you don’t succeed...

As if that bitter harridan Lady Fate hasn’t dumped enough misery on me already…

After spending a good three hours clearing the path to our carport of snow and then driving up and down the said path four times to make sure it was drivable, Mrs. Jones, (God bless her cotton socks) managed to bog our car down in the only pile of snow next to the path.
As gallant as I am, I immediately dashed out to help push the car out of the snow and in the process I hurt my ankle… and now it’s bloody killing me.

I may have to go to the Docs with it and I hate going to the doctors. Bah.

Anyway, that aside, I’ve started the illustrated story now and I’m very happy with the plot. 680 words down, only another 10-15000 to go, lol. Whatever, it’s going to Rock, I know it.

I also sent off a short story that I had lounging around on my hard drive, to the prestigious, “Weird Tales” magazine.

“Founded in 1923, Weird Tales quickly became the chief source for many types of fantastic fiction over a substantial portion of the 20th century; it helped launch the careers of imaginative authors as wildly diverse as H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury and Tennessee Williams. The present incarnation has been published continuously since 1988 — and today, we are trying to be what Weird Tales might have become if it had continued from 1923 to the present uninterrupted.”

Well that’s what it say’s on the website and I believe them.

Imagine my work in such a celebrated magazine as Weird Tales; I mean even I’ve heard of them!
It won’t happen but you have to try.

If at first you don’t succeed, look to put the blame on someone else and have another go, right kids?

Right Reg.
Have a good weekend.

Reg :-/

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