Montag, 11. Januar 2010

Birthday antics and a surprising turn of events.

Sorry I’ve been a way so long but I have no excuse so don’t ask and I won’t tell any lies, lol.

So let’s start with my birthday.
On Friday the 8th of January I, along with Elvis, Shirley Bassey and Elton John celebrated my birthday. I am now a young 43 years old, going on 12.
I spent the Friday with the family, (watching Avatar at the pictures and then a big nosh up at Burger King) and Saturday at my mates place quaffing whiskey and beer until I passed out. Not a very noble way of bidding my 42nd year a fond good bye but a much needed vent for my baser instincts as a bloke.

I still feel bloody awful now though.

Anyway, to bizniz.
Well something has turned up out of the blue that has really fired my imagination. A good friend of mine has a cartoon of himself for his Facebook profile picture. Because it’s so good I asked him who created it and he put me in contact with a certain Andreas Rensen Aguion.

My idea is to write a novelette of about 10-15000 words and have Andreas illustrate it. He liked the idea of Division, (i.e. Vampires working for the Third Reich) so now I’m crafting up a story that involves the same ingredients.

I’m not sure what the market is like for this type of thing but I’m completely gripped with the whole project and I really hope it comes together.

His style is something along the lines of the artwork in the link he sent me:

And I think it’ll work nicely.

Anyway, that’s that. I only need to conjure up a good story about vampires and the Third Reich and we’re away.

Sadly The Eckton Empire will take a back seat now but it isn’t forgotten and definitely not going to be binned. Gulag may also be re-awakened if the publishers get back to me on Division.

Why am I so up on everything now?
I don’t know either but it’s a good feeling.

Reg :-)

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