Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Ooh, someone liked one of my short stories!

Thank you for submitting The Ides of March, and I am glad to say we will be publishing this piece for Issue 9 at House of Horror. A great story, love the vampire twist and you pulled it off nicely. The ending was really good, I loved this one. Good job! Welcome to House of Horror.

That made my day that did, lol.
It's only a website, it's only a short story and it's only one cent a word but it still brought forth a grin on my face that could cook a chicken at ten paces.
I would have liked to have seen it in print but, whatever; it was a nice ego boost for my somewhat wilted literary aspirations.

The story itself is about Marcus Julius Brutus and his part in the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar. The Horror slant is that the plot revolves around the idea that Caesar is a vampire and only Brutus knows.

Yes, but also well researched and with a nice twist at the end.
3600 words and that's that.

Right, I'm off.
Reg :-)

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tee jumping up and down for you hat gesagt…

I said it had a good feel about it when I read it some time back.
This is the beginning mark my words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Thanks Tee, I was well chuffed. In fact I was so chuffed I had a couple of beers... or ten...!
When it's up I'll put the link out, but it could be a while because they're only on issue 3 now and mine comes out on issue 9.
Ah well, all good things to those who wait, eh?

R Grayling hat gesagt…

Nice one!!! Where's the link, man!!??


R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Thanks dude.
This is the story page. They're still open for submissions, check it out.

tee woohoo hat gesagt…

Well you can crack on with a few more now. I feel they will ask you for more. Little acorn and mighty oaks...........

tee hat gesagt…

wow just chec ked it out. Spooky or what?

Kate hat gesagt…

Congratulations thats great news. Very pleased for you

Kate x

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Tee, I checked a couple of their stories out and there's nothing on there that's out of our league. Why not have a go at a short story or two?
I know you have enough on your plate with your books but it'd be something for your CV if you had a story accepted.
Kate, thanks a lot, like I wrote, it isn't anything big but it really did make my day.
Actually, I'm still celebrating. If my book ever gets published I'll probably end up on a four week bender!! (Just joshing there).

tee still jumping up and down for you. hat gesagt…

Well it's a thought me ole fruitdrop but I think my stuff would be a bit tame for them :-)I have written a couple of short stories but as I said not horror. It was more a bit of suspense really.
BTW you say it's nothing big but it is ... you're going to be in print. Accept it.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :)
I have emailed you with my latest venture in the usual manner.
Tee x