Montag, 2. November 2009


It's November and I still haven't heard from the publishers. This time last year I was coming to the conclusion that trying to find an agent was not the best idea and that maybe I should just strike out for a publishing firm and to hell with the middle man. I still think it was the best move actually.
The fact that they've had my book now for eleven months fills me with neither optimism nor fear. I've reached such a point of indifference that I hardly even think about it anymore.
Whereas once I ran to the mailbox like a hyperactive, underfed Doberman whenever I heard the postman's car puttering down the drive, or scrambled to the computer everytime I returned from where ever I had been; nowadays I send the kids out for the mail and my Facebook notices attract more attention than any unknown email address that just might be the publishing firm.
However, that said, after such a long wait I think rejection will probably tell on me more than usual.

I like to put on a hard man act and say things like, "Well, I'll just send it off again. No big deal…"
However, I know I'll be gutted if rejection is the reward for my patience and fidelity.
As a kid, (which means last week in real terms) I would seek portents and signs in everything I did when waiting for news or a possible treat.
"If I eat these cornflakes in under five minutes I'll get the Action Man Scorpion tank", (Which I didn't by the way).
"If I manage to pee into the toilet without splashing the seat I won't get in trouble for forgetting my Maths homework", (Which I invariably did because Mr. Foss did not like me at all).
"If I can castrate this dingo with only a pencil sharpener, a bag of lemon drops and a ball of string I'll be allowed to work in Disneyland… etc. etc. etc."
Yeah, I know the last one was silly but you get the idea.
However, sadly, I haven't the imagination for such reliance on blind luck to organise my day anymore. I suppose it's a good thing that I have finally taken responsibility for my actions instead of leaving it all for fate to decide but it's nowhere near as interesting.
What am I wibbling on about?
Oh yeah, it's eleven months and I'm kinda hoping to hear something positive soon… That was it.

Reg :-)

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Kate hat gesagt…

Wishing you luck with the search. Thanks for the visit

Kate x

Tee (The Eye of Erasmus) hat gesagt…

Well if your boosting numbers I don't want too much on top thanks. My size 34" suits my frame nicely thank you.
Seriously though all comments are welcome and when you finally get onto the site, you only need to fill in the registration part and you can visit at any time once its saved.There are some brilliant books on there and it becomes addictive. Check out "The Dinners in the Dog" also, I had it on my bookshelf for a while. It only has to stay on for about an hour to be noticed and writers expect it to be removed to make way for others.
I had to show someone else how to use the site this morning. Its taken me since Saturday when I joined to get the hang of it. As I understand it there are literally thousands on the site who are writers like us so my ratings
(1,377)so far I am more than happy with. Its the book ranking we need to concentrate on at the moment and any comments made are looked at by other writers, the talent spotters and the editors desk.Its sometimes a case of read swap and mutual back patting but they can be brutely honest with our little babies also.
So digits crossed then.
.............Lyon 2 Liverpool 1 (They were robbed)Yes I watched it. So good luck in Italy.