Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

Sunday and I'm cream crackered.
Nightshift tends to take it out of me nowadays, though I don't know why as I'm only 42!!
Whatever, time marches inexorably on…
… and I still have yet to put pen to paper.
Tomorrow though, I'll do it tomorrow, honest!

Recently I stumbled on to a blog written, or serviced if you will, by a friend of mine. Simon Wangerman, (Wangerman is a nickname, don't ask me why though) scribbles down his views on music, (mostly heavy metal), the interweb thing and life in general.
He's a funny guy actually and manages to do something that not many Germans can; that is, master the art of being wittily droll.

I know lots of Germans who are cleverly caustic. They use spit and vinegar metaphors to portray an air of blasé loftiness that, to the uninitiated, comes off as sad old Teutonic arrogance.
However, Wangerman has discovered the knack of verbally escorting you to his luxurious, stress-free Penthouse apartment; to admire a song or a group in such a way that either raises a polite eyebrow or lures an indulgent smile.
Though I will add that if a subject does raise his blood, then it receives a full on Neuhochdeutsch version of an Ark Royal broadside, with a machine gunning of any survivors in the water afterwards.

Unfortunately he writes in German so if you can't "speako da lingo" I wouldn't go there. However, if Deutsch is your lingua franca, give him a go.

Have a nice week.
I'll have something down next time I write.

3 Kommentare:

Wangerman hat gesagt…

Nice one Bro, thanks for the kind words and cheers to you.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

No problem dude.

tee an english maiden hat gesagt…

Oh well I would have gone but dont speaka da lingo.
The sentiments were there though.