Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

So, a new look blog for a new look week…
Well, not exactly a new look week but the blog is different. Scroll down, dear reader, and read about Shasta and the Green Kiddies…
All sounds very mysterious, doesn't it?
Well, the thing is, my mate Tee very kindly put up the synopsis for "Division" on her blog. So I thought to myself that it's only fair if I do the same for her.
Then I was smitten by yet another thought, (yes, I know, two in one week. Thanks for pointing it out to me), Richard Grayling at Struggling Authors has always been ready with a helping hand, why not put his up too?
Why not, indeed.
No sooner thought than done, et voila, Shasta and Green Kiddies receive some free, if not limited, exposure. Hoorah!!!
So please feel free to scroll down and check them out, especially if you're a prospective agent or publisher…

I feel so good about myself now; I think I'll have a beer.

3 Kommentare:

Tee of Shasta and Erasmus Fame Whooppee doo hat gesagt…

Many many thanks my friend. I have emailed you also with comments.
Right better answer the other blogs now or I will get the sack fom you.
If Del boy and Rodney can be millionaires we can be published.
Yippee doo.
Im on pills for my jaw - did you guess? LOL

The mad one Tee hat gesagt…

My blessings on you my friend. I visited all the blogs yesterday and updated everything - even my own.
One again many thanks.

Tee hat gesagt…

Anytime I can help............
When I first joined SA Rich joined me up with STREAMLINE.NET. Cost about £20 I think for a year. You get your own domain name and password. Then you can play for hours.
Rich did the first webpage for me and I got the confidence to do the current one. I spent all day on it chopping and changing. Great fun.
Im going to Google free templates in a minute and see what I come up with. Ive got a feeling you can go that way.
Will get back to you if successful and let you know.
My friend and I are going down to Wells Somerset for a mini break this Friday. Staying in a 15th century pub so im hoping to do some research whilst down there. Luvely.