Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

I've just read an interesting article in a Blog I follow, about whether to send to one agent or publisher at a time or more?
My personal feelings on the matter are that it's unethical to send to more than one address at a time, however, is it?
At the moment I've been left completely on hold with the MS I've sent off.
It's driving me to distraction, I can't put pen to paper, (or finger to key if you will) without thinking about it. Now the question that begs to be asked is, is that being fair on me?
What is against me sending it off again to a different publisher, or publisherS for that matter?

Well, firstly it's not in my genetic make up to be disloyal. It's a major fault of mine that I'm faithful to the bitter end; so I wouldn't be comfortable with playing one publisher off against another, which is how I would see it.
Secondly… well there is no second because the first one is good enough, to be honest.

So, where does that leave me?
It leaves me pining away for an answer that will probably be negative when it come anyway. Mmmmmmm…
Damn my honourable nature.

Reg ;-)

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Paula RC hat gesagt…

Until you sign a contract you can send your work out to whoever. Though, some agents do like to know if you have and to whom. Why not send your MS out to a publisher and an agent at the same time, as long as your keep a record of who you have sent your work to I don't see a problem.

Good luck,


mad tee hat gesagt…

Well actually I sent of to several at a time also. I don't see the problem. If you strike lucky you can always refuse any other offers that come in. :-):-):-)
Optomism is my forte. Not sure I spelt optomism correctly though. Im too used to a spell check these days.

me again of shasta and erasmus fame hat gesagt…

I've just been looking at your website me ole bunch of bananas. I'd forgotten I had left a comment....I know we've been hanging around looking for agents/publishers for what seems like forever.
However you have some amazing comments on your guest page. That doesn't push a publisher to look at our work when we submit I know, but you should take heart at the interest shown.