Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

My favourite writer's website,
has suddenly bloomed into a hive of activity.
It's a cosy, intimate little corner that normally ticks along nicely with a wide range of subjects to help the "struggling author" and a small band of writing enthusiasts who regularly add to the forums.
There are no arrogant creative writing teachers snorting loudly onto the page, no know-it-all 6th form students pretending to be 42 year old Poet Laureates and to put a fine point on it, no egos full stop.
I basically like it because it does what a website of this nature should do, i.e. it offers support and advice.
So imagine how nice it was for me to be asked to scribble down a short passage about the adversity and troubles that have assailed me on the long, lonely journey to, (hopefully) seeing my name in print.
Nice :-)
So that's what I'm going to do. Cool, eh?
I've a bit of translation to do for a friend and then I'll get stuck in.
Right, that's it then.
No more news, sadly.

But one day, oh yes, one day I will have something to tell you.
Be it good or be it bad.


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the mad one hat gesagt…

I've also got the pen and ink out to "pen" a few words.
I also need to sort out an up to date photo. I hate having my photo taken so I'm up against it before I start ho hum.
AND I got the inevitable request
"can we borrow your digital camera to take on hols mum"? and no it isn't returned yet. Just a matter of asking though.
So scuppered before I start.