Montag, 21. September 2009

The piece is down for the Struggling Authors website, I'm just tweaking it now.
I've taken a slightly satirical angle on the whole thing; I just hope it's what the website is looking for.

The band I write the lyrics for have also sent me some more work, that's work as in; I write the lyrics and receive my royalties in beer at their gigs. A most favourable arrangement, I can assure you.
Their first full length CD should be on the shelves by the end of October and they're already starting on songs number six and seven for the next release. It's all very heart warming to see the lyrics I wrote, sometimes at work and sometimes at home, being performed by another person.
If you're looking for an ego boost, I can highly recommend it. However, a further ego boost of Saturn size proportions is having the words you crafted picked out by a record company executive as being good enough for packaging and promotion. Record companies are like publishers, they're constantly inundated with CDs from countless bands and to be picked out is, well special actually, lol.
I'll stop stroking my ego now, shall I?

Still nothing from the publishers. Were it not for the lyrics and translation work for friends I wouldn't be writing anything at all! I can't concentrate on anything at the moment, as my mind drifts off on a tangent as soon as I open up any of the unfinished projects I have on the go at the moment.
Ah well, an answer will be forthcoming, I'm sure.
I'll just have to sit it out.

Have a nice week.
Reg. :-)

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tee of shasta and erasmus fame hat gesagt…

Well I responded to your last comment and it ended up on my blog comments. I'm in need of a lie down I think.
Just off to read your new blog now.
I've just managed to update mine.

tee of shasta and erasmus fame hat gesagt…

Well when you've finished stroking your ego let me know the details of the cd and if possible I will purchase it when it comes out.
How good a mate am I then???
Oh Oh do I need ear restrainers? smiles.I'm a woman of tender delicasies.........