Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

Well I'm back.
Did you miss me?
Didn't think so, lol.
The four day tour of the pubs of Cambridge went amazingly well. I stuck to Real Ale, so I wasn't poisoned by the chemicals they use in beer brewing nowadays, and had a great, if expensive, time.

Unfortunately, my plan to take a notebook and pen for ideas didn't quite pan out as I thought, but never the less, I've taken on board a whole rook of plans for a new book.
I'm done with short stories for now. They're all sent off and I await only the rejections.
I need something grittier, something I can live in when I have time to think to myself or I'm bored. I need to create my own world with its own laws, physics, timeline and life.
So that's what I'm going to do.

Wish me luck.
Reg J

1 Kommentar:

tee in the summer rain :-) hat gesagt…

Yep missed you. All the moans and groans etc. Oh happy days and lol.
Glad you enjoyed old blighty
however why Cambridge as I thought you were going to the land of leeks?
I have done naff all lately as been caught up in work. Im hoping to have a few days off soon and shake out the cotton wool and tumble weed.
Oh yes.... good luck.
Off to my friends allotment now to the herb and veggie patch. Possibly more on my blog at some time.