Montag, 15. Juni 2009

11 pages down and I'm finding my flow, slowly.
I'll finish the first chapter and then go over it again, refining and tweeking where needed.

I would have achieved more this weekend were it not for my extremely frantic social life. Friday was a party for a workmate who's leaving the firm, Saturday was a birthday party. So Sunday I managed nothing, sadly.
Drums tonight so the next session will be Tuesday at the earliest.
A weekend wasted but it was fun. :-)
Productivity shouldn't be measured in word counts, well that's my take on the problem, lol.
Have a good one.
Reg :-)

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Annie Wicking hat gesagt…

I find if I map out what is going to happen in the chapter I'm writing, a kind of mini synopsis, I find the chapter kind of writes itself as ideas pour out of my head onto the page. Later on, you can expand on your idea when you come to edit your finished manuscript.

Have a great week writing, Reg.