Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009

Well, eight pages down and it's going well…
OK, it's not going well at all, actually.
When I fall out of writing practise I find it hard to rediscover how to make a page flow. Reading back on what I've written up to now, it all seems so stilted, jerky even.
I'm not happy with it and I'm only on the eighth page… BAH!!!

Whatever, practise makes perfect so I'll do what I always do when the going is hard, head down and plough through.
Luckily I'm not afraid to bin things so when I find my rhythm again I'll simply replace the old passages.
The story is in my head so there's no danger of losing any important parts, well I hope there isn't anyway.

The research for the story is an ongoing thing. I think to myself that I've found the perfect beast to use in the story, for example, and then I'll stumble on something that fits the role even better and decide to look it up on the web.
Then, like an epileptic convulsion, the Wikipedia frenzy takes over.

That's the thing with Wikipedia; you start off innocently enough on one page and then get caught up in a blackhole of information links that devours you into itself.
I have quite happily spent whole afternoons skipping from one link to the next, sucking up useless information that has nothing to do with the original line of query that took me to Wikipedia in the first place.

I hear you, "Focus, Reggie, focus".
Easier said than done, my fine learned friend, easier said than done.

Have a good one.
Reg :-)

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witchy tee hat gesagt…

Hah and you call me mad.
Focus Reggie Focus.
Witchy ... pedia does that to ya. (I've put a spell on you !!)

Ha Ha