Montag, 23. Februar 2009

Today, at work, I was told that we could be on short time for the whole year. Then I was told we're not on short time until April. Why can't they just be straight with us?
How I hate their blackened, twisted, calculating, cold-hearted ways…
I know you're not interested but it's my Blog, damn it, and this is affecting my world. :-)

Anyway, I had a look at Frank Delaney again last night. There's so much to correct on it but I like it so I'm back on his case.
Tee, it'll be with you inside of this week babes, ok?

I've sent a couple of short stories off over the weekend, the Caesar (note the spelling Tee) is a vampire one and the war criminal in London. See if I hear anything.
Nothing from the publishers I sent my MS off to yet, but I can wait. Hell, it's not like I've any choice on the matter, is it?

Mmmmm, that's about it for now.
Oh, I read a great post on the "How Publishing Really Works" Blog, (should there be so many capital letters in that title? I don't think so).
It was about personalised rejections. You can find it at this link; it's quite interesting getting a view of things from the other end of the literary scope.

I left a comment on it too, but hey, that's the type of guy I am.
Right kids?
Right Reg.
Take care
Reg :-)

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Annie Wicking hat gesagt…

You sound like a great guy to me. I'm a dark writer too. Hey my book even has a vampire in it too.