Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2009

"The Hot Gates", my short story/novelette of 10,401 words, has been sent off to a publisher advertising for stories for a horror anthology.
This was the vampired-up version of "300", with Leonidas being a vampire and Xerxes the good guy. Apparently they would prefer period horror, that being horror stories set in the past.
I think "The Hot Gates" fits perfectly and I'm expecting them to take it without delay… but then again, pessimism and reality were never my forte. ;-)
It'll probably make a lot of Greeks angry if it does reach publication though. However, cleverly, Leonidas does turn out to be the good guy at the end. So that should mollify my Grecian friends, especially Jenny who's parents come from Thermopylae and are rampantly proud of their heritage.… confused?
Then buy the anthology if my story's in it and all will be revealed.

I wrote a bit on Frank Delaney as well, and sent it off to Tee and George.
Tee, so she could continue the story and George to make sense of it all, lol.
No, it's not that convoluted, but a fresh pair of eyes never hurt anybody.
That said, when the manuscript is down we'll probably be fighting like cat and dog over the changes. But I suppose a bit of artistic tension adds a tot of spice to life.

Anyway, so now you know.
Reg. :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm easy babes on the storyline of Franus Delanius.
I will have to reread to get up to speed again.
Being all gregarious and the fluffy sort my torture chapters may need a bit of a touch up by the manly men but I'll give it a crack. Perhaps I should imagin I'm a woman scorned and see what comes up.
Done a blog today and the sun is shining. How nice to open the windows and let warmish fresh air in.
Got a new phone for my birthday and its all done by touch. Some very strange messages will be going out to the unsuspecting I feel. I have decided it shouldn't be used during a drinking session lol............