Freitag, 20. Februar 2009

As if the week wasn't already sodden enough with Madame Fate's cruellest bile and spite…

I've just read the Australian Webzine thing that I was planning to send my (almost binned) apocalypse story to has had a change of heart.
Well, what I mean is that they've moved the goal posts on the criteria of the story they were advertising for, which promptly made my approach to the subject redundant.
I mean, lawks a lordy, it doesn't rain, it tsunamis.

This then, on top of the news that I'm on 3 months short time as of March and that it may go on through the summer, has somewhat poured a large amount of cold porridge into my favourite Y fronts, I'm afraid…

I'm sorry if you feel like I'm over reacting on the short story thing, but the short time has bummed me out a bit and I'm feeling a little fragile.

I don't know if you noticed.

Just ignore me, I'll be alright in a minute…

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