Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008

My word, have I not been busy on my Blog.

Well, I've heard nothing from the guy I emailed and I don't think that is a good sign to be honest.
I'll write him another and see what happens, the last mail I sent wasn't in the right form for a query letter, (you know, introduction, paragraph about the story, paragragh about myself, thank you and goodnight).
So we'll see what happens then.
I'm off to Britain again tomorrow. It's the Baptism of my newest niece Phoebe on Sunday so we're all flying over.
We're back on Tuesday because I'm on lateshift Wednesday but it'll be nice to see everybody again.
So to that end I won't be here for a while dear reader, (notice I wrote reader there in the singular. Tee, where would I be without you?).
Now I wonder what a pint costs in Britain nowadays.......

Reg :-p

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Yes you did mention something about coming over to Britain several times :-)
Always nice to come back to our roots though. I get excited on a day trip to Hastings Sussex where I was born.

A pint in Britain these days.....get your credit cards out Sunny Jim.
I had a couple of lagers last night for a change and it cost be nearly 6 squids!!!