Freitag, 25. Juli 2008

Wow, is it really that long since my last post?
I'm ashamed of myself, I really am.
So, what's been happening in my sad little world then?
Loads actually.
I went out and bought a laptop for my holiday, that's what. We bought a video camera as well but that's another story and nothing to do with my plans for Spain... well a little bit to do with it actually but whatever, I'm wibbling now.
Anyway, the laptop.
My plan:
To write loads of Frank and Gulag while drenching myself in that warm Spanish shadow. I'd love to soak up the sun but I'm afraid I'd just catch a bad case of Red Gingerboy Skinrash so I won't bother.
Anyway, a master stroke of gargantuan proportions say I.
Now I just have to hope I don't caught up in too many all-inclusive Sangria and lager frenzies while I'm shadowing it up on those distant shores...
(Let's not look at my track record on piss-up avoidance shall we; I want to stay positive on this and it will only lead to disapointment and failure if we dwell on the many drink fuelled distractions in my life.)

Reg :-)

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