Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2008


Ok, I've decided to drop the Nephilim from part 2, (Gulag).They are far too obscure a set of heroes to be used and I can't think of why they would want to travel from Iraq to Russia.
Well actually I had a couple of ideas, but they were all crap so they are binned. Simple innit?

I'm afraid it's just Von Struck and his band of disillusioned SS in a Gulag with... well I won't go into that in case anybody gets the drop on me.

AND I've Frank Delaney to sort out with some Soldiers of Fortune to take on the corrupt Burmese military.
Right I'm off, UEFA Cup Final in a couple of minutes and I'm for Rangers... which going on my track record for supporting the winning team in these competitions, is not good for Rangers.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Ok - too many characters can get confusing. So stick with what you know. Your story as I see it is gripping - but if you add too many other characters it's hard work as a reader keeping up with them. It will be ok and inspiration will come. Let it flow and don't beat yourself up if it isn't instant. Sometimes you have to distance yourself and then go back to it.
Footy.... well I'm happy for any one to win titles as long as it's not Alex Ferguson. He is so arrogant it makes me want to spit.
Frank Delaney is going ok but I get out of my depth with military so leave that to you. I do see a Huey though .... tatty on the outside so as not to attract attention but state of the art inside with computers etc. Information printed out at the touch of a button.
Sorry getting ahead of myself. Trouble with being psychic I guess.
I don't usually share that. So consider yourself honoured and the wine is talking. LOL.
Yep always nice to know someone is actually reading our ramblings.
Well up since 6am so wooden hill for me.
Oh Oh I broke my little toe yesterday. I foot butted the wooden leg of the bed. How stupid is that. I could blame the cat of course but he was laying on the bed. So no go really.So no shoes for a while just flip flop thingys.!!! They can't plaster cast a little toe. Not much there to plaster :-)Luverly colour though.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Get well soon Tee.
There were a lot of characters in the Nephilim. I gave them all Angel names and had them as being the sons of angels who wanted to take on Lilith to redeem the sins of their fathers, (i.e. The Angels).
Whatever, they're out now as I've got enough interesting characters to go on and that's what it's all about : characters and research.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I usually find if there are too many characters I end up reading a couple of pages before I remember which one i'm reading about. That is why I reckon less is sometimes best. Unless your Jackie Collins etc. You need loads of characters to keep up with her sleeze. Mind, I haven't read her books for years!
I can now move my toe which is a bonus and it's a shade of purple red at the moment. No nail varnish to match though :-)
Psychic yeah many years now. Can't do anything for me or mine though. Probably a safety blanket ^.^
Rangers eh....kiss of death you!!