Dienstag, 6. Mai 2008

Tuesday afternoon.
Mmmmm, what to do what to do...?
Well actually I've got loads to do, mow the lawn (again), buy the kids new bikes, (a quick 400€ gone there) and then put my winter tyres on (which I should have done 6 weeks ago but didn't get around to it).
Actually I'm just going to mow the lawn again and let my wife sort out the bikes, that's too much of an attack on my wallet for me to be there.
It's right up there with a trip to the dentist for a long, slow Root-canal or an appointment with an African Witchdoctor for some un-anaesthatised circumsion.
I just don't like to be there as my lifeblood flows into the hands of other people, simple.

I think I'll put a few words down about Frank Delaney. He's the main character in a story about a man fighting to unearth proof of American POW's still being held in Vietnam, two years after the war is finished.
I'm writing it with Tee, (Teresa of THAT synopsis fame) and it goes thus; I write a passage, Tee writes a passage, I write a passage, Tee writes a passage, ad infintum... well until the story is finished.
It's a pleasing dalliance and it's nice to get stuck into something more meaty than song lyrics.
The baddies in the book are the CIA (obv.), the Vietnamese communists and the military regime in Burma. The latter was an unfortunately timed choice of villain because Burma has just been on the recieving end of an almighty cyclone that has claimed 10,000 lives. So at the moment Burma isn't really the ideal ogre because the whole planet wants to send aid and assistance, (and rightly so). However, given time, the fickle demon Public will forget their plight and Burma will go back to being one of the Evil Empires of the world again, sadly.
Good for the story, bad for the world, does that sound callous?
I hope not.

So now you know. American soldiers left to die by their own government, Vietnamese communists wanting to sell the men back to America, the CIA trying to hush the transaction up and an escapee and survivor of the camps, with a rich backer, standing in their way. Oh, and a couple of hot babes to sauce it up with. Sounds good to me, especially the sauce bit.

Catch yer tomorrow, just in time for the Rockhard festival... boy that's gonna be hard.
Reg :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

You have email oh wise one. FD strikes again.
I'm having such fun with him. He does love the women but work before pleasure.
Ha Ha

Anonym hat gesagt…

I did have a few reservations about Burma whilst looking at the news. However... we are aiming it at the government and not the poor souls who lost their lives.
Like most cynics say = todays news is tomorrows chip and buttie paper.
Sad but true.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Well twice I have replied to your last post...very poetic it was about the love of kids etc. and their little faces when they twist us round their fingers etc. but twice it has refused to accept it so don't know whats happening there then matey.
May well reply on SA instead but then I have had a lot of "grape juice" tonight so anything possible.
Hope the w/end went well.