Montag, 5. Mai 2008

Good grief !!!
Is it a whole week since my last entry? I can't believe how life seems to wizz past me like a drunk stranded on a merry-go-round.
Well, what's happened?
A lot and none of it is good.
Firstly, Liverpool lost to Chelski on the Wednesday. It was a close game, well actually Chelski were better in the first half, but we came back in the second forty five and played the better game in the extra time too.
Ballack was awarded a penalty, Frank Lampard took it and scored, meanwhile Didier Drogba scored two very good goals. We answered with two of our own from Torres, (of course) and Ryan Babel but it was all too late and the Blues won.
The next day was Father's Day in Germany. Father's Day over here means all the Dads, (in fact all the blokes) go out and get whammoed. So, not being one to buck the trend, I did exactly that. Unfortunately my inability to flake when I've drunk too much led to complications later on in the evening and after making a complete buffoon of myself in the town, I misplaced my mobile phone... my expensive mobile phone with all my tel. numbers and nice pictures in it.
A great day wrecked by not recognising the danger signs and going over my limit, again, like I do every time I go out with the lads.

On a slightly more positive note, my letter hasn't been returned yet but it is still early days.
Fingers crossed, eh?
"All is not lost" said the General to the scout, "We'll 'ave 'em at Little Big Horn..."
Ah well, tara.
Reg :-(

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh dear bummer on all counts there then.With our crowd things usually turn up in one of the guys pockets...put there for safekeeping. Usually the designated driver.
Hope you find it. Having said that it looks like it will happen again though from what you say about the end of the week.
I'm pushing on with FD but buddies keep moving goal posts - a bit like your wife I guess when you spend too long on the computer. The plus side is FD is training and about to make his merry way into the undergrowth . I am going to introduce the "friendly" mercenary(god he's ugly - would put a scare into the mother in law!!)and let you have a crack at him.
I'm eager to get into the jungle do the business and get out but convention states in writing that you have to pad it out with mainstream story and inner threads running through it. Oh well. Least said soonest written.