Freitag, 4. April 2008

The weekend draws upon us once more and I haven't heard a thing.
Not that I expected to but, you know, it would have been nice.
Anyway, what's to report?
Nothing. I had three days off which I spent fixing stone tiles to a wall to make it look like an old country house. Mind numbingly boring work, I can assure you. However the effect when it's finished is very eyecatching.

I wrote a few paragraphs for a thread on Struggling Authors yesterday as well. Teresa, (Mad Tee on the site) started a story and I carried it on.
I don't know if we'll continue along that thread because Tee set the story on a beach, and I turned it into a man looking for proof of long forgotten American POW's in Vietnam but who cares, eh?
It's only a bit of fun, so do what you want with it Tee, I'm game babes.

Mmmm, and that's about it really.
Late shift today and all weekend actually. Well at least I get to listen to the footy tomorrow afternoon with out any kids begging me to turn it off because Kim Possible's on the tv.
Have a nice weekend, because I won't.
Reg :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

So Reg - patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, which is seldom in a woman but never in a man.
You will get a reply when you least expect it!!
Stone wall sounds nice though. I like that sort of look.
I am going to do some more on our story in a minute. So lets see where it goes.
Who knows, another best seller maybe?
Wouldn't that be funny.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Firstly whose Kim Possible for goodness sake?
Secondly I have got a choice this w/end and Monday. Either look after my ten month old grandaughter or look after my ten month old grandaughter and help my son and partner move house. Hmmm now which is it to be I wonder. I will also be knackered. So stop whinging you big Jessie. Besides we also have a story to write.
I am just about to make a start on it.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Well yep I'm also knackered. How can my son and the other half and baby have so much stuff....and in a flat!!! The house seems to accomodate it though apparently. Am off there today for a viewing as I haven't seen it yet.(ten mins. in the car.
Will be doing some more looking after, feeding, changing, and thats only my son and the partner. The baby is a doddle. Of course they could move the goal posts and she ends up her. We shall see. Snow forecast here today and again we shall see.