Freitag, 11. April 2008

Well this Literary Agency didn't muck about sending me a rejection.
Straight in there, "Thanx very much but no thanx".
Reading between the lines was the usual "We hate you, we spit on you and will dance a jolly jig on your grave when you do the world a favour and finally expire you sorry specimen".

Do I sound bitter? Twisted? Sad?
Well actually I'm cool with it. It's just a pity cos they were such a good agency.

Ah well, next agency!!!
My mate's bringing some British stamps tomorrow so I'll try and get the next one off on Monday. Just have to have a look at which one to send it to.
I really must invest in that Writer's Yearbook thing that I've heard so much about.

I feel my favourite crutch Booze tugging at my heartstrings but I'm on early shift tomorrow so I won't bother.
Have a good weekend peeps.
Reg :-/

2 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Well lets be honest here if Liverpool can beat Arsenal then your book stands a magnificent chance - right?
It's going to be their loss at the end of the day me ole cup cake. Then who will be knashing their teeth and gums. Just do as I did and stick it with the rest of the pile and throw darts at it. If all else fails raid the butty box. It works I know this and in effect we have both been dumped on.We will have the last laugh. ^.^
Yes to the WRITERS AND ARTISTS YEAR BOOK it's our bible and very informative. Mine cost me about twelve quid two years ago. A good investment. Trust me I'll spend anyones money. No worries on that score.
I have been trying to thread a few more lines to our book but everyone wanted a bit of me this week. So I am keeping the weekend free to do some mind blowing riveting stuff. And if you believe that.........

Anonym hat gesagt…

Liverpool v Chelsea Ok I'm considering it......... Um maybe.....Na. Arsenal are playing on Sunday against Man U. God help us. Divine intervention needed perhaps?
17 euros then for W.A.Y.B.yep a bargain at half the price.
So I guess you're gonna be wasted tomoz then? Oh dear It's got to be done though.
Right then I'm about to tackle Frank Delaney. Where shall i send him hee hee