Dienstag, 15. April 2008

Is it Tuesday already?
My life seems to be spinning out of control.
I mean, on the one hand it's good because the kids'll leave home soon and I can have the house to me and my woman. And I'll be a pensioner quicker so I don't have to work blah, blah fishcakes, you get the idea.
However, it is a tad disturbing to see the years racing by and my grave looming ever larger on the horizon.
It's a terrible thing to have to think about actually. At the age of twenty I was convinced that I was indestructable and now, twenty one years later, I'm contemplating death.
God I must be on a downer or something, am I always like this?
No, so snap out of it Reggie.

Right, where was I?
Ah yes, my rejection and the psychological scarring that it involved.
I'm cool. I'm over it now completely, having last night crafted a new synopsis, (a one-pager along the same lines as the last one from Teresa) and a query letter.
This new agency requires a slightly different form of query letter to the norm so it's taking a bit of time.
But as ever, perseverance is my middle name and I will prevail.

So now you know.
Oh, and a mate of mine has a grandfather who MIGHT translate my MS into German for me. It could make things a lot easier on the Agent front.
Or it could go horribly wrong, only time, (that Michael Schumacher driving my mortal clock) will tell.
Reg :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

You're still young inside though right? Yeah, but no, but yeah. 'course you are.
I can't believe it's the dustman day again. Can't be can it?
New one pager sounds good and each of them want something different. So good luck hun.