Montag, 25. Februar 2008

What a weekend. Action, action, action. We laughed, we cried, we witnessed life in all it's rainbow glory and then Monday comes along and wrecks it all.
Why did God make Monday? It's such a downer day.

The weekend went thus, I worked nights on Friday, (overtime). Saturday was a day to kick back, open a beer and watch all three rugby games on tv. Wales won resoundingly and the 'Whiskey for every try" rule changed gear seriously in the second half as the Welsh ran Italy into the ground.
After the rugby we watched Match of the Day and then we ended the night with a "The Best 20 Rugby Games Of All Time" dvd which just about killed the whiskey bottle.
Yesterday, a nice stroll in the fresh air to clear my head, a hearty nosh up, fifteen minutes with the scooter, (it started by the way, only to die again) and then a relaxed evening in front of the goggle box with the woman.

Then Monday came along.
Roll on Tuesday.
Reg :-/

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