Freitag, 1. Februar 2008

It's strange, but I'm never satisfied with what I write.
Is this a flaw in my character?
I'm not sure to be honest, though I'd like to think not. I mean I'm as insecure as the next man but I'm not that unsure of myself that I won't shower in the Gym, so I can't be that bad, can I?

Last night I read what I'd written for Gulag, part 2 of my planned trilogy, (hope springs eternal...).
The thing is, I couldn't stop 'improving' it and now I've decided to change it all. I erased the entire text and will start anew when the time comes to do so. Now, of course, I'm thinking to myself that it was a bit rash to completely erase everything, however it's done now and it's not worth crying over deleted text...

Damn, I wish I hadn't done thast now.

Whatever, let's concentrate on getting the first book published, eh?
Reg :-/

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