Dienstag, 5. Februar 2008

I've aquired a scooter.
It has 1250 kms on the clock, and it is off the road at the moment, but it was given to me for nothing and I am most definitely not one to look a gift horse in the face.
It was very dirty and the petrol tank had water in it but, like I said, it was given to me and now it's all cleaned up it looks really good, (for a scooter).

Anyway, I just thought I'd drop that into the conversation to see what you thought.

Recently I read of a lady who has an agent but can't find a publisher. The lady in question has written three books about the same person, (making it a trilogy) and her agent is now furiously writing to one publishing house after another to try to find a deal.
I am so jealous.
I wish I had an agent who did all that for me. Ah well, Nil Desperandum as they say in Angola.

I think I'll go have another look at my new baby to cheer me up. It's amazing what a gift-scooter can do for the morale...

Reg :-)

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