Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

My author page at Thorstruck

So, Taylor Street have confirmed to Thorstruck that I am no longer with them, the books in Word document form have been sent off to be worked on and my author page is up.

Have a look if you want:.

Thorstruck Press.Reggie's page

AND... here are the new covers for Division and House.

Exciting times ahead...
Take care.

4 Kommentare:

John Holt hat gesagt…

Your author page looks good Reggie - may you have great success and drink a few beers

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Drink beer?
Oh, go on then...
Thanks John :D

Mike Church hat gesagt…

Yes, all looking good, Reggie. I really like those new covers! Anyway, fingers crossed, things work out for you.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Thanks Mike, if everything rolls as it has up to now, there'll be no problems :)