Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014


In my life, events either develop over a period of years to then fizzle into nothing, or they hit me like a striking ninja and completely dominate my direction.

Taylor Steet’s closing left me, well stunned actually. Only days before it happened I’d been planning the release of The Chronicles of Supernatural Warfare with Tim and then BANG, it was all over. I didn’t even have the paperback versions of my books as I’d given them away, and had to quickly buy some off Amazon, which cost me Twenty Eight Dollars(!!!) because “Division” was now out of print.

Whatever, the thing is I naively thought Taylor would simply go on forever, because that’s how I am. I find a groove in life and follow it until something far better turns up or I’m forced to move. Change happens to others, not me.

I wondered what I was going to do? Paul had already said he’d release Chronicles on his own if he had to, so at least that was sorted. However, Division and House were now without publisher and I reckoned I’d have to self-publish, as I really had no time or energy for the whole submit/rejection circus.

In the immediate hours after the news broke I received a couple of offers of help from people who ran their own ebook publishers, which boosted my flagging spirits greatly as it’s always nice to know you’re not alone. I also received an email from a friend whom I happen to rate very highly as a writer and a person, and who also had some good contacts with reputable, money making publishers.

However, it was a Facebook message I was sent a couple of hours after I wrote my last Blog that turned my head. I was invited to have a look at the Thorstruck Press website, and see if I would be interested? I read their, “About” page and liked it automatically. Their philosophy, coupled with the fact that the person who wrote to me is as straight as they come and doesn’t accept any messing about, sold me.

True to their word, they’ve made two new covers, set up an interview and I’m on their website Authors page right now, even though we still don’t have the rights for the books from Taylor. This kind of movement is as inspiring as it’s welcome, and though I loved the peeps at Taylor and was sorry to see it close, I am already very happy at Thorstruck.

So dear reader, that’s how it stands at the moment. As soon as the rights come from Taylor, we’ll be releasing my first two books, and hopefully many more after it.

Take it easy.

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Mike Church hat gesagt…

Thorstruck look like a well-organised company to me, Reggie, so I'm hoping you've landed on your feet/wings. Their webpage is certainly excellent, and their artwork is pretty impressive too.

Such a shame that Taylor Street didn't go on for ever. I'm still in a state of shock, too.

Wishing you well as ever.