Sonntag, 15. September 2013

The local rag :-)

Well, I'll cut to the chase, I was in the local newspaper the other day. A most flattering write up next to my usual Quasimodo-like picture.
It's strange, I never see myself as I really am, and so I'm consequently always shocked at how ragged I look for my age.
Ah well, it's not like I'm a health freak now, is it?

Anyway, as ever, I digress.
Here's the article, one day I might get around to translating it ;-)
What I will say is that it's very well written and cleverly complimentary.
Anyway, here's the picture, enjoy...

All the best.
Reggie :-)

2 Kommentare:

John Holt hat gesagt…

My friend the A-lister - Richard Rhys Jones - great news Reggie, I just wish I could read it -

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Hi John, it's pretty easy to understand, goes along the lines of, "This guy is awesome" ;-)