Mittwoch, 21. August 2013

In paper Sir? Suits you Sir...

Whoop whoop !!
The House in Wales is now in paperback :-)
Well 'appy :-)

So if you feel like a bit of pervy, demon, ghost fun... or maybe not fun, more horror and gore, then pop along to your nearest book shop, (online bookshop that is), and order it.
Here's the link for both "Division" and "House" in Book Depository:

Book Depository.

And here's the Amazon one:

And finally Barnes and Noble:

Barnes and Noble

So, what are we waiting for peeps, click the links, buy the books, write a review that makes me out to be the Welsh Stephen Crichton and we'll all be happy teddies...
If only it were that simple, eh?
Whatever, thanks for your time and now you know.


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