Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

Shush, it’s a secret.

Well, sorry that I’ve been away for so long but I’ve had so much on recently and it’s all been of a creative nature.

Firstly, and this is what has taken up my time, I’ve been writing. However, what I’ve been writing is a state secret and will only be indulged after its publication.

Secondly, on a more creative-drinking nature, I was in Britain for a couple of days, St. Neotts by Cambridge to be precise. We had a great time and I plan to write something on my Boy from the Bay Blog about it soon.

Right, that’s it really.

The usual cheese board of inanity ad infinitum, ad nauseum, (I’ve sent a short story off, I still haven’t heard anything about the manuscript, blah blah fishcakes) stands as its expected to stand but hopefully I’ll find something out for the next entry.

Right, catch you again.


4 Kommentare:

tee hat gesagt…

Whatcha writing babe. Do tell. I won't tell a soul honest guv. It'll just be between you and me.
You're not gonna tell are ya?
I love these guess the words at the bottom. It fortunately does eventually get posted.

Laura Martone hat gesagt…

Good luck with your mysterious project, Reg! And color me intrigued.

Ashley hat gesagt…

Wow! Secret writing project?! How fun that sounds! =)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Aw peeps, if I put it on here it'll get out and spoil the surprise. When the time comes I'll put you all out of your misery but until then, I'm afraid suspense is your bed mate, lol ;-)