Sonntag, 22. August 2010

Shush, it's a secret #2

Well, it's written.
Just need to change it 1000 times now and then proof read it.

I've also started changing my Div. of the Damned manuscript to Standard Manuscript Format, ( Standard manuscript Format ) something I wish I had known about whilst writing the damn thing... Doh!
It's a time consuming process but one which will no doubt reap huge rewards in the not too distant future, (hope springs eternal)

Right, back to the keyboards.

Have a Great weekend.
Reg. :-)

2 Kommentare:

tee hat gesagt…

I await with bated breadth babes.
Another block buster I bet.

V hat gesagt…

yeah. I always said it's great to read a lot of creative writing books... all the good ones advise on this ;)

But thanks for the link. It's never too much to re-check if I know all the rules.