Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Father's Day

This is from my other blog.
No news on the publisher yet but then again, it has only been about two weeks.

Struggling Authors have published my interview with Ian Weaver and when the link is finalised I'll put it up here.
The Sunday Times is doing an article on Struggling Authors so when I find out where it is online I'll put it here as well.
That's all for now folks
Reg :-)

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tee hat gesagt…

Oh crikey I thought it was the Guardian had the interview in. We need to check on line - cheaper and you can view both.
So to the publishing of Eye of Erasmus.I dithered for quite some time. Then the head hunting wore me down and I gave in when they said they would publish and print for free. Dodgey printing? well I guess you complain. Fingers crossed for me.
They have admitted that they are excited that I finally decided to go with them, and they feel the publication/sales etc will be very successful. Time will tell of course.
It is to be edited to perfection, although they admitted that it didn't need much work. Hopefully June/July for book sales. They also want to print the whole trilogy!!!
All a bit sereal at the moment.
The interview - well it may turn out to be both you and Richard. you're both in line lol. Signed books in it though for both you and Richard. A humungous thank you for all the support given by you both. (Good Mates - both of you). Haven't said anything on SA yet but I may well do soon.
Oh and I finally got my lap top :-)
Tee xxx

tee hat gesagt…

4 got........ will private email with other details.
Tee x

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

It might be The Guardian Tee, I'm very forgetful nowadays...
Tee, it all looks good from here. If it doesn't cost you anything, if the distribution's good and they know what they#re doing with formatting etc, where's the problem.
It's like I told you, if those bases are covered what's the problem?
I'm glad for you, I really am, and for them to say straightaway that they want the whole trilogy is BRILLIANT !!
I will gracefully bow out on the interview but I will demand my signed copy, lol! Richard has helped us both enormously and it's only right that he conduct the interview. This is cool Tee, really cool.
Don't sweat the small stuff, just make sure you get enough time basking in the warmth of your new found glory.