Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

Shattered dreams…

Shattered dreams…

No, this isn’t a reflection on that annoyingly greasy 80’s boy band, „Johnny Hates Jazz“. The title refers to the state of my hopes and aspirations after my latest rejection.

Severed press sent me a very nice email which stopped dead my daydreaming about winning the Nobel literary prize.

It went like this:

Dear Richard,
Thank you for your patience while we reviewed Division of the Damned. Unfortunately we have decided not to move forward with publication. If it is any consolation, it was a very close call and basically came down to small press finances rather than a reflection on the quality of your work. We wish you the best with your quest to be published.

Kind Regards

Severed have played it very fairly and though failure to be published is a heavy weight on my natural good humour, they did soften the blow by wording the rejection diplomatically. I know a refusal is a refusal but to the connoisseur of the written rebuff, this is a nice one. I’m good with it… sort of. Well as good as one can be when your life’s work has been told it doesn’t make the grade…

OK, I’ll stop with the dramatics, lol.

Anyway, it prompted me to write an email back saying thanks for giving Division the time of day and wishing the Socceroos good luck for the upcoming World Cup, (Severed is an Australian publishing house).

So it’s back to the drawing board… well, not entirely…
Being about as optimistic about Division’s chances as a turkey is of seeing the New Year in, I decided to look for the next address to send it to while it was “Antipodean”, as it were.
Duly found and saved in my favourites, I will the morrow be formatting the manuscript to their desired wants and needs and whizzing it off like a Frisbee in a whirlwind.

Right, next topic.

The interview on Struggling Authors is up and the link is:

The link is to the homepage so you can also check out the poem on the right of the page as well… I know you’ve seen it a 1000 times already but bear with my bruised and cowed ego, he needs rebuilding. I'm not as bullet proof as I try to make out, ask my wife and kids, they think I'm soft as sh... butter.

I should be able to handle rejection by now; I mean I’m a chuffin’ expert at it I’ve seen so many, so why do I take it so seriously?

I don’t know either, grow up Jones.

Speaking of a person who hasn’t been rejected in her life, Tee is off and running with Night Publishing. They want to print all three of her books.

Good on yer Teester, go for it my girl!!!

Right, that’s it now, I’m off.

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tee hat gesagt…

Oh blimey mate i'm gutted for ya. HONEST!!! I thought this is it for the ginger boy (your words)lol
I'll let you into a secret, just you and me, no one else will see. I've had dozens of rejections which are all stuffed in a draw. They become useful if you run out of loo roll!! Just a bit of toilet humour there.Soz.
So you are going to do a Teester then. Brush yourself down, mentally or otherwise, tell them they are idiots for letting go of a brilliant novel with film potential. I see you are already sizing up another potential
Right off to look at SA now, then i'm mowing the grass.
THEN..... I'm going to re edit my final book. A waste of time really as NP are editing. I want to adjust the storyline of one as it comes across a bit girly.
Laters then hun. x

tee hat gesagt…

Brilliant interview hun. What a nice man he is.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

I'm good with it Tee, as you wrote; NEXT VICTIM PLEASE!! ;-)
Ian comes across as being a really good guy, doesn't he? He's on the forum a lot too. I really do wish him all the best, all too often it's the silly arses in life who seem to have all the breaks, so it's cool that a good guy has one at last.
Just wish this silly arse here would get a break, lmao!!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Bummer dude, bummer. I was really starting to look forward to our multi-millionaire lifestyle. I'm sure it's still only around the corner though. Chin Up and all that crap you don't wanna hear!!!

Vanessa hat gesagt…

I'm very sorry to read this Reg. But we know the odds. Keep it up my friend! :)

Hugs from Ireland.