Samstag, 6. März 2010

Back from the land of the Bard, Sheep and Rugby Ball...

Well I’m back! Wales was great, my family are getting on well and it just went from good to brilliant all week. I spent far too much money in the pubs but, ah well, what did I expect? Right, to bizniz!

First off, I didn’t win the competition, sniff…
A lot of people wrote to the website to say they liked the story but the standard of the winner’s stories was very high and I didn’t feel cheated, despite all the encouragement from the other contestants.
The next competition is to write a short about snow and I’ve a doozy of an idea which I can’t wait to start on.

Speaking of websites…
I was supposed to be in print this week but I wasn’t!!!
If you remember, I received my first acceptance email for a magazine and website saying that I would be included in issue 9. Well issue 9 is here but my Ides of March story isn’t to be found in its crinkled innards.

I won’t lie, I was a tad miffed, but I’m over it now.
Anyway, I’ve shot off a quick mail to ask if they’re going to use it and if not, then I’ll send it off to another website that Richard of Struggling Authors sent to me.

I don’t know, it seems we would-be writers are treated as the lowest of the low, doesn’t it?

Yes we want it, we love it… oh we forgot to print it.

What a shambles… lol.

Actually I’m more worried about my 37 Dollars payment…

And it doesn’t stop there!
The band I write for has come up with another two songs for me to scribble lyrics to. Good grief, it’s all go for ginger boy, I can tell you!
However, it’s a labour of love that only my wife could resent so I’m happy.

Right, that’s it for now.

Hwyl fawr!


5 Kommentare:

mad tee hat gesagt…

Hey welcome back so to speak.
Well thats a bit of a bummer. I had high hopes for the Ides of March in print.
Give me a few links on all that you are doing (including music)and I will put them on my blog.
PM if you wish.
Night publishing sounds good I feel. I found him on Authonomy when I reviewed his friends book!!

Paula RC hat gesagt…

I'm sorry to hear your story wasn't in print. I think it was a bit mean of them to say they would print then it wasn't.

I don't mind if you post your award or not, Reg. I just enjoyed passing it on to you. I've always been interested in UFO, but whether they are aliens or not I'm not sure.

I'm glad you and your family had a great time back in Wales and I hope the weather was kind to you.

Bye for now,

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

The co editor has just this minute sent me an email saying he'll forward the situation to his boss.
All sounds very official, doesn't it?
Whatever, we'll see what happens, I'm easy.
Tee, I don't think you'd do yourself any favours with serious publishers if you put the link to on your Blog.
Thank you for the offer, I love you for it, but I think it's enough that you have me on your blog as it is.
Jamara and Tee, I'm cool with not being printed at the moment. Going home, being away from my 7 days on shift, 2 days off, writing and playing the drums whenever I can and having no time for my family has put a lot of things in perspective.
I've a good job at the moment, I have nice people in my corner when it comes to writing and my family is tight.
I'll just take it easy and let whatever wants to come my way, come.
Right, now where's that Bong !!! (Just joshing there, lol)

Vanessa Condez hat gesagt…


Either way, sorry to hear you weren't treated with the respect you deserve.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Thanks for that V, but it comes with the territory I guess.