Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

Bad News.

Fortune makes a fool of those she favours too much.
Quintus Horatius Flaccus, (Horace)

We never really know how lucky we are until we set ourselves against our family and peers.
Yesterday my sister gave me the shock of my life. My 14 year old nephew has been diagnosed with epilepsy. He suffered a bad attack at school, was taken to the hospital and then diagnosed there.

My sister is naturally devastated, which chilled me more than the news did as she is emotionally the strongest out of all of us.
We talked yesterday, for about an hour on the phone and as I listened to the tired sadness behind her words, I realised what an awful time my nephew and his mother and sister have had of it.
Details aside, the three of them have had a testing time to say the least and this latest news is the icing on a pretty dire piece of cake.

Epilepsy isn't the end of the world, but it is a hammer blow to this good hearted, honest little family who haven't done a thing to deserve it.The world is full of misery, I only have to look at the news to know this; but the sadness in my sister's voice yesterday made me realise how lucky I have been in life and how laughable my problems really are.

Reg :-/

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tee hat gesagt…

Oh Reg I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. Can it be controlable in youngsters these days? I don't know much about it apart from a friend that suffers. I've only seen one fit and that was many years ago but it stays with you as you feel so helpless at the time. One can only keep them calm and move danger from them - if you are around -.
We live in worried times here with my sons partner as she has CF. One of the reasons we panicked when she had my granddaughter.After the initial shock you start to take it on board and accept/work round it.
Medicine has moved on in leaps and bounds over recent years but it doesn't take the worrying out of a parent though.
I wish them every good wish and all that they wish for.
Im ok thanks and have made some comments on SA
Tee x

tee hat gesagt…

Hows the website now any further forward with it?