Samstag, 25. Juli 2009

Holiday's over, back to the grindstone…
Well, I did get the story going in the first week but, alas, in the second half of my sojourn I was forced out of my little laptop world and back to reality.

What I'm trying to say is that I didn't do anything in the second week. I went on boat and bike trips, shopping trips, on long treks through the wilderness and on even longer treks through the top row of spirits. However, the laptop lay dormant, and with it all my best intentions.
Whatever, holiday was great.

George, it simply hasn't the depth of character and story needed for me to send it to you, though the skeleton of the plot is going well. I'll bung it to you in a couple of weeks mate. I know I promised, but we both know you'll always lose if all-inclusive gin is splayed before me like Aphrodite in a Playboy centre-fold.

Meanwhile, back at the, "Division" ranch…

Still nothing from the publishers. The rejection, when it does come, is going to need some serious liquid therapy to get over, I can tell that now.
Whatever, catch you later my two loyal readers.

(Sighs) How I wish I was popular…

Reg :-)

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