Montag, 18. Mai 2009

Just read a very good post on one of my fave Blogs.
Go to:

…and read what it say's.
It tackles a situation that I've never even thought about in regards to second hand books.

Now I, the cheapskate that I am, buy second hand books all the time.
When I go home, I spend at least one full day trawling the many charity shops that pepper my lovely home town, (Colwyn Bay), often flying back to Jolly Old Germany with a suitcase packed full of wholesome reading… packed full of wholesome, second hand reading, I might add.

"So what?", I hear you screech in abject frustration at my inability to get to the point.
Well, the thing is…
The thing is, everytime I buy a second hand book, I'm helping to nail the lid shut on the Great British Printing and Publication Industry!!!
(Gasp, shock, horror!)
No, seriously, it's not good.

It all goes down to who receives what in relation to a sold second hand book. If an artist has one of his pieces resold at an auction, he/she is entitled to some sort of second royalty on the work. A very fair and fulfilling situation, thinks I.
However, what recompense does the poor literary artist look forward to on the sale of a second hand book of his scribblings?
None. Nada. Nichts. Nothing.

Is that fair? Is that really in the spirit of the free market?
Well, yes actually it is in the spirit of the free market. However, fair it is not.
If you read my comment, I state clearly for the whole world to see that I do buy cheap, delicious, irresistible, second hand books, for a whole menagerie of reasons. I was forthright and proud in my statement.

However, I must confess to a slight twinge of, well, conscience now, actually.
Damn, I hate my conscience. Why can't I be evil?
Ok, ok…
You know what; I'll go halfway on it. I'll boycott the one penny books on Amazon, and only buy new ones online. How's that?
However, I'm not sure if I can live without my second hand book day when I go home. It's a part of my holiday, the only day I have for me, (without going to a pub, that is.)
It's a tradition!!
I mean, let's not flaunt tradition, right kids?
Right Reg.


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Tee hat gesagt…

Im guessing there is a cold schnaps in Germany at the moment judging by the head wear in the latest pikky of you? chuckle.
Second hand books....... It never crossed my mind really either. However I will still be popping in the charity shops for my summer reading.