Montag, 25. Mai 2009

I follow a Blog by a Mrs. Jane Smith, " How Publishing Really Works " and it had another interesting article in it the other day.
It was about an independent publishing house that's experiencing some hard times at the moment.
The gist of the thing was that everyone, well all those who want to, should buy a book, just one, from this impoverished publisher.

Hey, you know what?
I'll put the link down then you can see for yourself. Go to:

And have a read.
Then, when you've finished reading, and maybe bought a book, have a look at the comments.
In the long list of good wishes and support for the idea, some crabby old has-been has written, "A fool and his money are soon parted." Or something along those lines.

Firstly Jane Smith puts him right on the quote, which was news to me because my Gran used to say it to me all the time, and then she asks him what his problem is?
The dude, who didn't even have the cojonas to use his own name, started on a rant that I thought was completely uncalled for, and totally out of place in the comments section of a public blog.
No bad words were used, just snide insinuations and odious remarks.
Now, I bring this up because I'm completely baffled as to how an appeal to help a struggling printing house could stir up so much bile and malice.
It's beyond me, it really is.
Why are some people such haters?
Well anyway, it backfired on lily-livered Mr. Anonymous I'm afraid, because I wasn't going to buy a book from Salt Publishing at all, but I will now.
One in the eye for Mr. Anonymous and a new customer for Salt publishing, now that's what I call the Free market, baby!!

Have a good one, buy a book and spit on the name Anonymous, which stands for all that's cowardly and churlish in this world.

Reg :-)
PS. I know this is not really about my MS or writing but I've nothing on the go at the moment.
I will soon though, I promise.

3 Kommentare:

Rob hat gesagt…

I also read that post and comments and can only say, 'Good for you!' Although I would say that, as my book is published by Salt.

Annie Wicking hat gesagt…

Hi Reg,
One word of warning never cross her!

I sit on the fence with Jane Smith. She got upset with me because I wouldn't tell her the name of the publishing company which was reading my MS at the time. Though, I wouldn't self-publish myself I do believe everyone has the right to make the choice for themselves about what they want to do with their work. I've always believe in treating adults as adults and letting them make their own choices. I've done my homework on where I send my work and where I chose not too. I don't need to have someone vetting companies for me. Because I told her politely I didn't need her help she took umbrage and went off in one via email.

Each to their own, I say, Reg

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Though I know she's very protective; probably due to her inside exposure to the sharks and gangsters of the publishing and self-publishing industries.
I'm sure her intentions were good, Annie. :-)
Thanx for the warning though, lol.