Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

So I've been sorting out the format for when I send it off.
I'm all excited again. I hope the rejection doesn't come before Christmas because that would really bum me out, pardon my American there.
What is a bit disturbing though is that I was reading through some of the work they've published on Scribd. is a rather like a literal YouTube where you can read long extracts from various books.
The thing is, the work they've put out is so... err, how to put this in a nice way, nouveau roman.
I'm not sure a plot about a bunch of Sumerian -cursed vampires dashing around the Third Reich and being destroyed by Christian mythology has any place there to be honest.
Just when you think that you've found some like minded people who could do something for your book, it all goes horribly pear shaped.

God I'm so pessimistic, I haven't even sent the bloody thing off yet !!

Pessimism, however, seems to stalk my every hope nowdays...(violins out Tee.)

The short story's coming on nice though. The Immortals of Xerxes's army have just had a good kicking from the 300 Vampires of Sparta. I'm just about to introduce Ephialtes, the goat herd who leads the Persians to the track behind the Spartan lines.
However, my Ephialtes is a disgruntled Spartan who's not happy about being made to turn into a vampire, as it's dictated by Spartan law...

Oh what a happy, carefree world I live in.
Right kids?
Right Reg.

Take care.
Reginaldus of Sparta. :-)

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