Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008

Just had a wisdom tooth pulled.
Wasn't nice but, you know what, it went quicker than I expected.
The dentist actually reckoned it’d break during the procedure; so imagine my delight when, after ten seconds of dull pressure, the whole tooth came out in one.

I know it's not book related but it's all I have at the moment. My badger crowned buddy George is having a deco at Division and I'm planning short stories. Though the planning phase is all I seem to accomplish at the moment. I'm just so fatigued after the weekend.
Well I'll be back on form tomorrow so that's when the story will start to take form.

On a different note, I write lyrics for a band and they've just been handed a record deal... without yet having recorded a record, tape or CD!!
How does that work?
Well, they do have a demo, which is very good, and on the strength of that demo they've been given the deal. There are certain other factors involved but that’s it in a nutshell.
The only downside of the whole thing for me is that they play Thrash metal, which has the marketing value of a pile of dirty nappies in the literal world. So although I’m inordinately proud of what they’ve achieved, (with my lyrics), it won’t help me in the slightest.
Ah well, nil desperandum, right kids?
Yeah Reg, whatever…

Reg :-/

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow to the record deal. do you get any royalties at all?
Me thinks your forte lies in the literary world.
The short stories sound your sort of thing anyway. A quick blast and the're done.
Start getting your portfolio together matey.
Great news about the wisdom tooth. However...does that mean we will have no more profound statements of wisdom from you now?