Montag, 10. November 2008

Well, another weekend given up to the great god, "Work".
I know I should count myself lucky that I've got a job, blah blah fishcakes, but I could really imagine a life without shift work. In fact a life without work full stop would be fine with me.
"Work, the curse of the drinking class" as Mr. Wilde so succinctly put it.
Ah well, whatever.
Anyway, so I wrote this short story about Caesar being a vampire, George, (my proof reader and social equal i.e We're both in the gutter together on this) has got it right now and Tee has had a look with her friends.
Nothing from George yet, but Tee said her friends liked it so that's cool. Positive feedback is always so... positive.
When Badger Boy, (so called because of his prematurely greying mop) sends it back to me I'm gonna pop it off to a magazine. See if they like it.

Well that's the plan, let's see what happens shall we.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Ok then so I'm playing catch up with everything.
Heard anything yet about the story?
Is your main novel on hold at the moment by the way?
Enough with the questions. :-)