Freitag, 14. November 2008

I've finally sent it off.
Not "Division", the short story about Caesar being a vampire.
Let's see what happens.

Yesterday evening I finally finished the rewriting of "Division" for the fourth and final time. If I don't get an agent/publisher with this then I'll just print it out with and to hell with it.
I've so many ideas for books and stories that it's starting to really pee me off just marking time with it. I need to move on, that's why The Ides of March, (the Caesar short story) was so good for me. It was just so refreshing doing something else and taking it to a conclusion.

I'll get back on the case with Frank Delaney now, I think. I've also got an idea for a story about a cannibal clown, based on the John Wayne Gacy story.
Look him up in Google, the man on his own is a nightmare. I thought if I made him into a cannibal or maybe a devil worshipper it could really go somewhere. I just need a nice twist in the tail.
So now you know. This whole weekend is given up to work again, (lateshift actually, normally my best time for writing) so I might get something done.
Who knows, stranger things have happened.
Reg :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Well that all sounds very positive now.Sometimes you get to a point when you become sick of making changes to work you have done.
You sound very enthusiastic about short story writing. Maybe you could do a portfolio of short stories now and present them as a complete book of short stories. This could appeal to our darker side?
Occasionally I will go to the local library and pick up a book of short stories just for some light reading. It can be laborious sometimes with a book of 500 pages.
Just a thought me ole fruit. ^.^