Samstag, 13. September 2008

I've written a rough draft of the mail I intend to send to the agency I sent my work to.
Nothing too dramatic, just something along the lines of asking what their policy is on rejection; will they contact me if they don't want to see the full manuscript or not?
It's not quite ready, I'm not too sure about the wording, but it will be be soon.

I was at the dentist yesterday and my teeth are still aching even now, as I write.
You have to ask yourself why did God put nerves, and bloody sensitive ones at that, in our ivories? Do you write "Ivories" like that? Is there such a word as "Ivories"?
Probably not.
Well, whatever, it makes absolutely no sense; I wonder if it's some kind of cosmic joke?
It's enough to know that I hate going to the tooth doctor full stop. I'm scared witless of the drill and I break out in a cold sweat as soon as I hear that shrill, spine-destroying, pain-heralding whine.
I think the man who invents a silent dentistry drill will probably make billions... Mmmm....

Right, I'm off to help my mate with his house, then it's night shift tonight too...
Bah, who'd be me, eh?
Reg :-/

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Would you like me to look over the wording for you hun?
I'm with you on the dentist thing. I was just checking when my check up is due.
Yesterday I tripped over the cat in the bathroom (he snuck up on me)I head butted the tiles on the corner of the shower which are quite sharp. Nearly knocked myself out and a tooth. Bruised my face and cut my chin (somehow). Talk about you should see the other guy!! The cat disappeared of course.
Stuck a pack of frozen food on it for a couple of hours and it feels very tender this morning. AND I have to go to work today. AND write some more on my blog. Tut me.