Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

The Gift.

Family and friends make my world go around.

I was sent an email yesterday from a very good friend. We were together briefly at Night Publishing, and then she was my boss at Thorstruck. With over fifty books to her name and a following larger than the entire Welsh speaking community of Wales, it's fair to say Poppet has a bit of knowledge about the "Industry". She's definitely someone to have in your corner when you're a fledgling publisher.

Which is why I was really happy when she contacted me out of the blue yesterday and wrote:
"I love the idea for your cover, but you can do far better. Here, I made one for you..."

If that doesn't ROCK, then nothing does.
Many thanks, Poppet. 
I LOVE it.

I just hope the book lives up to its cover...

As you were.

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Mike Church hat gesagt…

Much better, Reggie! Yet another superb cover from our multi-talented friend.