Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

The story so far...

So, with The Division of the Damned up on Amazon, and the contracts for my other two books signed, I just seem to be marking time until all three are on the market.

I'm really happy with the new covers, even though it was sort of sad to part company with the old ones. All three were made by friends who went that extra mile to do something unique for me, and that's what counts in my eyes. However, it isn't like their efforts were dropped for tardy designs and I'm sure that they, like myself, will come to terms with the change.

Sales have been very slow with Division, however they were waning before. The book has been out since April 2012 and I suppose has run its course, so I'm not really surprised. Perhaps it'll be resurrected to the old 100 downloads a month when my WIP reaches publication? Hope springs eternal, eh?

I made a recording of myself reading the prologue and chapter one of The Division of the Damned the other day. I've been assured by a lot of people that it sounds alright. However, the lingering doubt of, "They're only saying that" is hanging around like an eggy fart in a waiting room.

If you want to hear this lisping Welshman, speaking like he's eating a bag of marbles, follow this link here: Me reading Division.

With my WIP, (Work In Progress, btw, in case you were wondering?) I've decided to start at the beginning again. The problem is that I stopped and started it so often that I lost the continuity. Characters suddenly changed names halfway through the story, people appeared out of nowhere, it was like reading a book written by someone with the memory span of a wheelbarrow.
So I went to the start and am cleaning it up as I go along, and venting out some cracking ideas while I do it too. It's been a good call as I find myself honing the mindset of the individual characters, something you tend to zone out of after long periods of inactivity. Whatever, this new wind of creativity has been a long time coming, and I'm very much up for it. 

Thorstruck has some big ideas, and the satisfying thing is that they're following up on leads and contacts to make things happen. I'm sworn to secrecy, and I'm absolutely bursting to tell you what's planned for The Division of the Damned, but I can say it's something I had hoped for when I actually wrote the initial draft.
Time will tell if it comes off.

Anyway, that's all I have for you up to now, more if and when anything happens.
As you were.
Reggie :)

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Mike Church hat gesagt…

Great update, Reggie. Yes, it IS sad to see old covers go, isn't it? But I'm sure your friends will understand, and at least the new covers are absolutely spectacular. Well, I love them, anyway.

See you around :)

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Actually, between you, me and the other person who MIGHT turn up and read this blog, I reckon as soon as I mentioned I'm going to Thorstruck they knew the writing was on the wall, and just wanted to inflict a nice little guilt trip on me.
Such are my friends...