Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

"THE" Email.

Found this in my inbox today:


We have just submitted 'The House in Wales' to Kindle so that it will be up in time for your launch party on Friday.

It is fully edited to CH21 and has been quickly edited to the end (leaving some punctuation changes to do mostly). We will submit an update tomorrow, but it might be best to advise friends to wait until Monday for a fully-edited version."

So, that's it, it's up tomorrow peeps :-)
I will of course be sharing the link and I hope you in turn, as my friends and family, will do so as well :-)

It'd be a good idea to wait for the cleaned up version, and I think Tim only put it up because I blabbed and told everyone it'll be up this week, (I so wish I could be a tad more discreet), but there you go, that's how I roll.

This release went a lot faster than "Division" did and I can't lie, I'm really happy with it, Tim's edits as well.

Anyway, it's up tomorrow if you want it. 

As you were.
Reggie :-D

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