Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

Everyone loves the snow, imagine it didn't stop...



Dec 23.
Snow! Wonderful snow! This is going to be the best Christmas EVER !!
Dec 25.
My first white Christmas. Dad got drunk and slipped in the back yard and Nan called him a drunken old sot, I was nearly sick from laughing, Gran’s so funny. Loads of pressies but we were out all day, making snowmen. Brilliant.
Dec 31.
New Year’s Eve and it’s still white, if this keeps up we might not have to go back to school next week. First lesson back is English with Miss Grebes, God I hate her.
Jan 2.
Dad read that the school won’t be open next week because the heating’s off. Brilliant. Went sledging down Queen’s hill today on bin lids, was great. The roads are well icy; Mrs. Simons said they’ve run out of salt for the gritters.
Jan 24.
Happy birthday to me!!! 13 today. Snowed all day to day, getting a bit fed up of it now.
Feb 12.
It’s so cold. I asked why can’t we just turn the heating up and Mam said it’s too expensive at the moment. Dad’s angry because his trucking firm are on short time.
Mar 26
God I hate this snow! It’s so cold here now. I slept in my jacket and two pairs of trousers last night.
Mar 27.
Jimmy Preston’s baby brother died yesterday. They found him dead in his cot, he was blue. Poor James.
Apr 17.
Mam came home from shopping with a bloody nose. Someone punched her and stole the shopping. Dad went to the police but they said they’ve got too much on their hands. I watched the news today about food riots in Manchester. Dad said they should call the army in to sort them out. Old Mrs. Jones from number 8 was found dead this morning. She froze to death even though the ambulance man said her fire was on.
Apr 27.
Still snowing!!!! God I HATE IT!!!  The power’s off, Mam said we were lucky it was on for so long at all. Dad’s firm have sent him home, there isn’t enough fuel he said. I saw a map on TV and it showed the whole of the top half of the earth as white.
May 7.
Gran’s dead. I’m so sad. The funeral’s tomorrow but they can’t bury her next to granddad because the ground’s so frozen. Dad’s been crying all day.
May 21. I miss Gran so much. I’m so bored. I’d even go to triple English with old Grebes than stay at home now. We have to melt snow for water, it takes ages finding wood nowadays. At first it was easy but it’s all gone now. Someone broke into number 12 and found the old Polish couple there dead and then everyone ran in and took their furniture to burn. Dad came back with two chairs.
Jun 20.
Mr. Wicky has a wind up radio and we all go to his place to listen to the news twice a day. Mrs. Simons’ nose has fallen off, she got frost bite and it looks terrible. Jimmy Preston and John Yates threw stones at her. Mr. Beaumont was eaten by his dogs. Dad said he should have killed them weeks ago and eaten them himself. I don’t know if he was joking.
Jul 12. 
I can’t believe it’s July and it’s still snowing.  Snow on our summer holidays!
Jul 27.
Food parcels came today, we had sugar and corned beef and spam and tinned carrots and marrowfat peas and chocolate. Dad said we should save it but Mam cooked it all and they had a terrible row. Mam said what’s the point of saving it, the gangs only come around and steal it off us and I think she’s right.
Aug 5.
Dad was killed today.
Oct 28.
Uncle Barry found the man who killed Dad and they beat him to death in the street. I’m glad he’s dead but I don’t know where his body went though.
Dec 21.
Mr Wicky told us that today, December 21st, 2012 is the day the Government has officially declared that we are on our own now.

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Vanessa Condez hat gesagt…

Love this post!

It reminded me of a book written for teenagers on a pre-apocalyptic world where England imposes carbon rationing as the only way to stay green and save what's left of Planet Earth.

"The Carbon Diaries" by Saci Lloyd.

Maybe your daughter would like to read it...

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Never heard of it, it's right up her alley though so I might buy it.