Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

International Zombie Day

Today, dearest loyal reader, is International Zombie Day and to celebrate this fact Kings of Kindle are holding an International Zombie Day Facebook/Blog Party.

OK, so what does that entail?

Well, we've all been invited, (ordered by Charles the publicist under pain of brain devourment) to write something in praise of the walking dead. Now I'm very happy to comply with this but I reckon some of the serious romance and detective writers aren't too overjoyed about, lol.

Anyway, while we're proclaiming our love for the ambulant deceased, we're also meant to slip in a mention of '"I've Been Deader" by Mr. Adam Sifre, a lighter look at the trials and tribulations of a rotting corpse and the problems he has when he falls for  one of the living.

Actually, it sounds great and I'm looking forward to reading it.
Adam Sifre, (anyone notice the Angel Heart connection there?) is an extremely funny man in real life too; well he is on FB and if anyone can pull comedy off there, they can do it in real life with one arm behind their back, (or hanging off by a lone thread of corrupted cartilage?).
So anyway, buy the book, read it, laugh merrily and then write a great review, what say thee, beloved follower of my laughable wibblings?

To, read more about Adam go here: Interview with the zombie dude

Listen to a review here, (if you're too lazy to read!) : "I've been deader" book review for lazy gits

And then finally buy the book on Amazon: I've Been Deader ebook

So peeps, once more into the breach and have a lovely Friday the 13th...
Reggie "Corpse drummer" Jones.

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